Mark Stephens designs and makes furniture and kitchens that are wonderfully functional and enduringly beautiful. This takes a range of talents. 

On one hand, Mark Stephens is incredibly skilled and practical, producing designs, working drawings, cabinet making and being project manager.  On the other hand, Mark has a great ability to listen to and understand his clients' needs and aspirations for their homes, and to respond imaginatively.  It is this marrying of talents that enables Mark Stephens to produce furniture that years later you will still have pleasure remembering. Attention to detail, such as the smooth and silent opening of a perfectly fitting drawer or the subtle curve of a cabinet, all evolve from your early conversations and his initial designs.

We insist on using only the highest quality materials and all top of the range fixtures and fittings.  If they cannot be supplied then we will have them made in-house or by other skilled trade. Mark always personally selects timbers and materials for each project ensuring that he meets customers' requirements in terms of durability, grain, figuring and colour, whilst simultaneously complementing the design.  The prime timbers we use are from sustainable sources and mainly originate from North America and Europe.

We are proud to continue traditional woodworking techniques in conjunction with modern technology - we do not use computer assisted mass-manufacturing processes.

Finally, we pride ourselves on our problem solving - working with small or awkward spaces, large areas, low ceilings, poor light, awkward angles, curves or a lack of square corners - these are all problems we can solve.  Mark Stephens likes a challenge.

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